Where Does Ice Hockey Stand on the List of Most Popular College Sports in America?

Aside from being a part of education, college in America is mostly associated with fun parties and getting to know yourself. Nevertheless, sports are also a big part of colleges, and young athletes are praised almost like real superstars.

College sports take a truly professional form, and recently there have been discussions that athletes should get paid for their performances before turning pro. College sports betting is even legal in a lot of states, as websites like college-ball-betting.com get more visitors each day.

As you know, our site is all about ice hockey, which is by far the most popular winter sport in North America. But, where does ice hockey rank among all college sports in the US? We decided to investigate and compare.

What Is the Most Popular College Sport?

This question has an easy answer. Football — or American football if you’re from abroad — holds the top spot in the category of the most popular sports in America by a landslide. It is played on both high school and college levels, and the NFL has the highest viewership out of all professional leagues in the country.

College football also has the biggest number of athletes out of all sports and high-tier tournaments are televised and attract millions of people.

Basketball, Baseball, and Soccer

Before we talk about ice hockey, we must mention a few other sports that are considered a bit more popular.

Some stats suggest that there are over 25 million Americans who regularly play basketball on the amateur, semi-pro, or professional level. College basketball is one of the oldest organized sports competitions in the country, and NCAA March Madness is the pinnacle of the college b-ball season.

During summer, college baseball leagues take center stage and are played throughout the country. Many of the athletes are looking at these leagues as a preparation to the MLB, which is the highest ranked professional baseball league in America.

While the USA is one of the rare countries where soccer is not the most popular sport, MLS and college soccer have been enjoying increased popularity over the last few years. Just like in many other American sports, after the season is over, teams from the MLS get to draft the top college prospects.

College Ice Hockey

Finally, we come to ice hockey which, according to our research, is the fifth most popular college sport in the US. You can argue that it holds a higher spot when you take Canada into account, as Canadians simply love ice hockey.

However, in all honesty, the NHL is not as popular as some other major pro leagues like the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The same can be said for college ice hockey as well. The most prestigious college competition in ice hockey is the Frozen Four that represents the final part of the NCAA Ice Hockey Championships which features 16 of the best college teams.

A flock of ice hockey fans from all over the country comes to see the tournament, and there are some really passionate supporters that you can see in the stands. There’s also a Frozen Four for women, which was first introduced in 2001.

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