Sports Betting in Different Countries

It is fairly easy and entertaining to bet on sports. A simple act of grabbing a phone, visiting a betting site like Betfair or, using a promo code, and reaping the rewards is all it takes to make a bet. Or is it? As it turns out, in spite of this day and age, there are still places with somewhat complicated betting rules and regulations.

Betting on sports is illegal in some countries, while others like to impose certain limits. Bookmakers and gambling websites have to tread carefully around many legislative traps, and we have made a list of a few countries with betting rules you will likely find very interesting. Enjoy!


In India, the legality of sports betting depends on the state you’re in. The only sport you are allowed to bet on while in India is, though people like to place bets underground, especially on cricket. In terms of online betting, India is in the grey area, due to the fact that online gambling is not regulated. If you are not sure whether you can and want to bet on a sport in India, stick with websites that offer a combination of luck and skill – skill-based bets are okay.


This is a country with a strong betting culture. So much so, that you can place a bet in betting parlors and online, with online betting becoming more and more popular. You can bet on any sport you please in almost any way you please. It is not just a pastime for Ghana – betting has enabled a boost in the economy, resulting in more job opportunities and promoting sports culture.


Like Ghana, Nigeria welcomes sports betting and takes it seriously. Most of the betting is done online, though there are still betting parlors. The only rules are that you have to be over the age of 18 to place a bet and that there are no betting ads. Apart from that, the locals and the visitors are allowed to bet as much as they like.


Betting parlors are a bit of a no-no for Americans. Though, there is a simple workaround – betting through a bookie or online. Surprisingly, the law takes no issues with this type of betting. Additionally, while football, basketball, and hockey (in that order) are very popular, true bettors will bet on anything: horse races, dog races, soccer, cricket, the Olympics, and esports.


You can bet on anything anywhere! The Brits are crazy about soccer, so there are betting parlors in every town and city. There are no restrictions, apart from the age, and bookies and websites can advertise freely on TV and in the papers. Not only that, but bookmakers are legally obligated to share their monetary transactions with the government and to report any suspicious or illegal activity. It is one of the places in the world where betting is legit.


While gambling is legal in Australia, there are a few restrictions that need to be addressed. First of all, advertising is okay, but only at certain times to protect the impressionable youth. Aussies love gambling, so there are several sites and betting parlors that are quite popular with the locals. The gambling that is frowned upon comes in the form of casinos and games of chance.

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