Interesting Sports Played on Ice

Ice sports are not as frequent as indoor sports or even outdoor ones like football and rugby, golf and even polo. Ice sports are still among the most popular sports in the world, especially in certain regions. They are favored by everyone from fans to sportsbooks. Sportsbooks especially like ice hockey and speed skating. Sportsbooks like theScore will eventually offer ice hockey as a possible sport to bet on, as well as their own theScore promo code after they launch. Other sportsbooks frequently offer ice hockey as a sport to bet on, given its popularity in the United States and Canada.

There are other ice sports, some of which you are probably familiar with. Here are the most popular ones.

Ice Hockey

This sport is known by many, especially on the North American continent, particularly favored by Canadians and Americans. The NHL has 24 teams from the United States and 7 from Canada and awards a champion annually. Other popular leagues are the National League of Switzerland, the Deutsche Eishockey Liga of Germany, the Kontinental Hockey League which has members from many countries, both European and Asian, and many more. Ice hockey is a favorite of many bookmakers, especially during the NHL season and the Olympic Games.

Figure Skating

Figure skating is the first of any ice sports to be included in the Winter Olympic Games, back in 1908. This sport has many forms, but the most popular ones are men’s skating, women’s’ skating, pair skating, and ice dance, all four being Olympic disciplines. Figure skating involves individuals or pairs performing athletic leaps and pirouettes while skating, gathering points for their performance. In the case of ice dance, a dance choreography is performed, depending on whether skaters are competing in the free dance or a short/rhythm dance.


Believe it or not, curling is a very popular ice sport, you know, the one where they sweep the floor before a stone, in order for it to land in one of the four concentric circles. It is a team sport in which you must defeat the other team by scoring more points than them. It is a game of strategy. The stones are made of granite and are regulated accordingly. Curling is also an Olympic Sport and has been since the 1988 Olympic Games. Curling is very popular in select countries of the world, namely the United States, England, and Scotland.

Speed Skating

Speed skating is interesting as it is different from figure skating. Speed skates have a much larger blade which is used to maintain stability and control during fast-paced races. The races vary in length, from 500 meters to 5000 meters. The 500, 1000, 1500, 3000, 5000, 10000, mass start and team pursuit are all Olympic Events, some specific to men’s speed skating, others for women’s.

Speed skating should not be confused with short-track speed skating which is another Olympic sport, one where races take place on a 111-meter oval race track. Take note that there are various distances for these races, too, from 500 meters to 5000 meters, as well as relay races.

These are some of the most popular and the most interesting sports played on ice. Some are clearly team sports and others are individual ones, yet all entertaining and athletic in their own way.

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