How to Entertain Yourself When There are No Skating Sports to Bet on

Primetime for skating is usually winter. That means that spring and summer times can be pretty dull for skating enthusiasts. If you like watching and betting on skating sports, a place like may be of great interest to you.

However, betting on skating sports is far from being the only activity you can do at your favorite online casino. So, here are some tips on how to entertain yourself until the skating season starts again.

Casino Games

While sports betting is the prime source of interest for most bettors, casino games are also prevalent in the online gambling community. Some operators are even specialized for games like poker or slots. If you would to take high-risk high-reward chances, you should definitely try roulette. All major websites offer both the French and the American version of the game, while other even have several more. For card games, there’s blackjack, baccarat, and, of course, a few versions of poker – Pai Gow, Caribbean Stud, Texas Hold’em, and more.

As far as the slots go, your options are almost endless. There are tens of thousands of slot games you can find online. Some are plain and simple, other’s have progressive jackpots, while modern slots tend to have a lot of bonus features that will keep you entertained for hours. There are even some skating-themed slots you can find as well, the most famous one being Sochi Winter Mountain.

Other Sports Betting

Bookmakers that offer skating sports are sure to have a bunch of other markets as well. Football is obviously the sport with most bettors, but tennis, horse racing, cricket, and volleyball are not so far behind. With sports betting becoming legal in some US states, you will now be able to bet on your favorite American sports in the country. American football, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, college sports, and many more are available.

Even the sports that are not so popular, like water polo, pool, futsal, and chess, can be found at some online bookies. Don’t forget that esports are growing in popularity, so a lot of major bookmakers are putting them in their market selection.

Special Markets

Casino games and sports are not the only things you can find on an online bookie. A lot of what’s called “specials” are included for certain venues as well. For example, you can bet on who will be the next pope. Betting on The Academy Awards winners takes place on some reputable websites. Presidential elections are also popular, and you can find markets for those when an election is about to take place in a big country. Guessing on which date a certain celebrity’s child will be born is an option too.

Some bookies allow for players to create their own bets. You can even think of something ridiculous, like if your mother in law is going to be abducted by aliens. The bookie will then calculate the odds that you can bet on. Of course, you can always just think of something more realistic, like whether the snow is going to fall on the Christmas day in your hometown.


If you’re looking for entertainment on a betting website, you’ll find it. Skating sports are only a portion of what you can find at an average casino operator. Whether you are trying to win big money or just place a casual bet from time to time, your options will be pretty vast.

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