How Bookmakers Determine the Odds for Figure Skating

Today, you can bet on almost any sport online. Prominent bookmakers offer plenty of markets to their customers, and you can even gamble on some special events like presidential elections, Academy Award winners, and more. While figure skating does not attract many gamblers, there is an opportunity for you to explore this market on a lot of major operators. Using the Paddy Power promo code, you will get the best offer for gambling on winter sports, including figure skating.

So, let’s see how the bookmaking works for figure skating, and what the bookmakers use to determine the odds for these events.

What a Bookmaker Needs to Know

Making the odds for figure skating, or any event for that matter, requires extensive knowledge of the sport. Every bookmaker employs specialists called odds compilers or risk analysts for this job. Their job is to consider all the factors surrounding the event and make the corresponding odds. Of course, the odds compiler needs to be an expert in the field and to know almost everything about the sport and its teams, including the latest news and injury reports.

For figure skating, in particular, each skater, duo, or a group, will have their individual odds of winning the event or simply making the final cut. The odds can be based on the overall quality of the skaters, their current form, the crowd factor, and more. Some bookies even offer head-to-head odds where you guess which of the two skaters will place better.

For example, a skater that’s considered a hot favorite at a certain event could have an odd of around 1.9 (9/10) to win. So, if you bet £100 on him or her to win, you will get £190 if the outcome is in your favor. A heavy underdog on a particular event can have odds that are bigger than 50 or even 100.

Top Figure Skating Events to Bet On

The figure skating season starts as early as July and ends around April of the following year. There are five levels of competition that include nationals, international events, challenger series, Grand Prix, and ISU Championships. The last two are most likely to show up at your favorite bookmaker.

There are seven Junior Grand Prix, and six Grand Prix events, with the crown of the season being the Grand Prix Final held in December. However, the biggest attention revolves around the World Championships, as well as the figure skating Olympic event that is held every four years.


If you’re a fan of figure skating and want to cash in on your knowledge of the sport, you will be happy to know that there are a lot of events of this type available for betting. Not all bookmakers have figure skating in their markets, but the ones who do offer competitive odds that are worth checking out.

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