Choosing Skates that Are Right for You

Did you know that, if you fall on the ice while trying to skate for the first time, there is a tiny possibility that the fall in question is not your fault? Before people get our on ice, they too often do so without proper ice skates. Sometimes it is the wrong size, but many people choose the wrong type of skates as well. Let us cover the basics.

Types of Ice Skates for Different Disciplines

Depending on whether you want to be an artist or an athlete, you may want to decide now on buying a pair of figure skates or hockey skates, respectively. If you are a beginner and are getting on the ice for the first time, you should steer clear of figure stakes. They have a longer blade, the toe pick, and the tail, which are designed for figures in general. While that may seem like exactly what you were looking for, it means that it is much easier to lose your balance and fall down in a pair of these.

Hockey skates, on the other hand, are simple and made with speed and agility in mind. We are not saying you will not fall, we are saying that they are easier to handle. So, if you only have these two options available to you, you know what to expect from each of them.

That’s not where the choice normally ends, though. Beginners have different skates from those that are skating casually and even more so from the pros. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, shall we?

The Right Size

When buying your first pair of ice skates, you may get a feeling that they are snug. Too snug, in fact. There is a reason for this – proper skating requires your foot and ankle not give away when faced with pressure. The skates will stay locked in place, so don’t be surprised if you feel a slight discomfort at first.

Regarding the sizing chart, there are different ways to go about it. One is to rely on someone who is a skating enthusiast or a salesperson. On the other hand, you can come up with a proper skate size yourself, though this method is not 100% fool-proof.

Different manufacturers have different sizes, as do different countries, so it is important to look up shoe size conversions online as well. For example, a man with 8.5 shoe size has the skates of a similar size to a woman with a 10.0 in the US. This size corresponds to 42 in Europe and 8.0 in the UK. It also means that if you are buying skates from Tour, for example, you are looking for a size 7.5.


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