4 Betting Strategies that Can Actually Help You Win

So you decided you want to start betting on ice hockey. Great! Assuming you have already opened and funded an account with a reputable bookmaker, you are ready to place your first wager. But before you do that, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself with standard ice hockey gambling types. The most popular bet markets offered by the majority of online bookies are money line, puck line, game total and team total.

Money line is a type of bet that refers strictly to the outcome of a match. When it comes to ice hockey, there can only be two outcomes: team 1 wins or team 2 wins. In the case of a draw at the end of the regulation time, the match goes in overtime and penalty shootouts until one of the teams wins.

Puck line is used exclusively for ice hockey. It refers to an advantage or disadvantage in goals that one of the teams receives before the match starts. It is important to know that puck line is very similar to handicap betting. For example, if team 1 is the underdog and team 2 is the favourite, the puck line will show underdog team +0.5 goals or favourite team -0.5 goals.

Game total is a bet that refers to the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. Bookmakers can choose to offer over/under lines (ex: over 6 goals/under 6 goals) or a series of brackets (ex: between 1-4 goals or between 4-7 goals).

Team total is very similar to game total but applies only to the total number of goals scored by one team.

Now that you are familiar with the most famous ice hockey bet markets let’s look at some of the rules of online betting. Each bookmaker has the right to set its bet rules that must be advertised on their website. As a gambler, you need to be aware of all those regulations to avoid potential misunderstandings. However, some standard industry bet rules exist. For example, all score markets exclude overtime, or if a match is postponed then all bets are voided and stakes are returned to your account. As a rule of thumb, just make sure you read all the betting rules of your current bookmaker before you place any bet.

The vast majority of betting strategies make use of static or dynamic stakes. A static stake means that the amount of money that you place for each new bet remains the same. On the other hand, a dynamic stake refers to adjustments that you make to the stake for each new bet. Below, we compared 4 popular betting systems used by the majority of bettors pre-setting the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy.

Bet all your bankroll every time

Betting all your funds every single time has the greatest profit potential. However, the disadvantage of this strategy is that a single lost bet can put you out of business.

Fixed stakes

This strategy refers to placing the same amount of money for each new bet. This method of betting is the safest in regards to losses. Changes of losing your entire bankroll are significantly reduced but at the same time your profit potential is also limited. This system is great for bettors that are not looking for a quick buck but for a gradual increase of their profits in a steady and consistent manner.

Martingale system

Double your stakes after each losing bet. By doing so, you cover your losses on your following winning bet. However, if you experience a losing streak, you will end up betting large amounts of money which will quickly spend your entire bankroll.

Fractional betting

Statistics has showed that fractional betting has the highest chance of making profits for a longer period even if you encounter a series of losses. With this system, you calculate a fixed percentage of your total funds and use that amount as stake for your next bet. For example, let’s assume you have a 100$ in your account, and you decide to bet 10% of your bankroll for each new bet. You start by betting 10$ which is 10% of 100$. In case you win, you adjust the new stake accordingly and for your next bet you will place 11$ which is 10% of 110$. You apply the same strategy in case of loss.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which of the strategies suits you best. When betting on sports, people have different risk tolerances according to their personality and style. However, we are confident that by continuingly testing various strategies based on our guidelines you will eventually find a system that is profitable on a regular basis.