Ice Hockey Fans, Are You Ready to Bet?

Ice hockey is an important sport with millions of fans around the globe. According to the International Ice Hockey Federation, there are 1.64 million registered professional hockey players worldwide, playing on approximately 15.000 indoor and outdoor ice rinks. The game is a national sport in Canada and is extremely popular in the United States and several European and Nordic countries. According to a survey, the NHL (National Hockey League) claims to have around 50 million fans only in the United States. So it’s safe to assume that ice hockey is one of the most played sports on the planet.

With few exceptions, ice hockey rules are pretty straightforward. It is played on an ice rink between two opposing teams of skaters. Each ice hockey match is filled with fast-paced action and lots of physical contacts. Skaters use angled sticks to hit a rubber disc called a puck, and the purpose of an ice hockey match is for each team to score the most goals in a game.

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